Tap It!

About Us

Tap It! Draught Services and Supplies has one thing one our minds and that is high quality beer with optimal convenience. We specialize in installing draught equipment for bars, restaurants and home consumers, so that the beer never stops flowing cold right from the tap

We're draught beer experts who have been specializing in sales, and installation of draught systems and supplies since 2005. Based in our hometown of Timmins, Ontario, we began to see the need in our community for high-grade professional draught beer service that just wasn't being provided in our local area. What started as a hobby setting up kegs, beer lines and CO2 systems much to the demand of our friends and neighbours turned into a professional company servicing Timmins and the surrounding area.

Whether it be the small intimate get-togethers with the single keg set-up, or a restaurant packed with hundreds of people, no venue or event is too small or big for us to service. We love making sure that our customers are fully satisfied with their draught experience and we ensure that they receive all of the help they need to ensure top draught service and taste. We have served some of the biggest companies and events in the Northern Ontario region such as: Wacky Wings, Casey's, The Kayak Challenge and Timmins Ribfest.

We developed and specialized our own signature method in perfecting the draught beer system, that's dependable, easy to install, use and maintain, and that gives that perfect pour every single time. We pride ourselves on the quality of our service, whether the job is installation, maintenance, cleaning, Tap It! is here to make sure the job gets done right every time.

Meet the Owner

our owner

Meet our owner: Jonathan St. Pierre. Never before has anyone ever been so passionate about draught beer in human history. But seriously though, this guy is crazy about draught beer and going above and beyond for people who share that same love. Just ask anyone in the Timmins area!

Having lived in Timmins for the better part of his life, Jonathan has seen his fair share or parties, events, and even restaurants that suffer due to the poor quality of beer or the lack thereof. More than 15 years ago, Jonathan took it upon himself to get the art of beer drinking down to a clear science. The fact of the matter is if you're going to drink beer regularly, why not have it at the best quality. This is Jonathan's mantra and became his business code of ethics

With his family he runs Tap It! Draught Services and Supplies for Timmins and the surrounding area. He's a family man, sports enthusiast and all-around beer guru. Basically, if you have a need for beer and Jonathan can't get it done, then it can't be done! That's his guarantee and that's our guarantee to you at Tap it!